Ecobiz Helps Business Sustainability and Reduces Costs!

Jan 21, 2022 | Commercial, Electric, Renewable

Reducing environmental impact is front and centre for every aspect of my life and that includes my small physiotherapy business Optimum Physio & Pilates. I’ve run my boutique physiotherapy business for nearly 7 years now and it has grown and evolved over time. In recent years, sustainability practices have been a key focus for Optimum so I was delighted to discover the opportunity to undertake a free coaching session through EcoBiz in November 2021.

Ecobiz is a free program for Small and Medium businesses funded by the Queensland Government which helps to audit and create an action plan to minimize waste, electricity and water consumption, saving money along the way! Registering with Ecobiz was seamless through the registration section of their Website (link to Ecobiz website).

Soon after registering, I received a pre-coaching form which asked some simple details about my business and encouraged me to send through my business’ water, waste and electricity bills for the previous 12 month period. It took me about 20 minutes to complete the form and collate the required bills to send back to Ecobiz in preparation for my coaching session which was booked for a mutually agreeable time.

I met with Fiona at my clinic and we discussed the operations of my business and the ins and outs of my water usage, waste and electricity. Fiona had some great suggestions on ways I could reduce my energy use and waste and gave me the reassurance that I was generally on the right track. She followed up by sending through a detailed and very useful report with a clear and concise action plan of steps I could take to further improve Optimum Physio & Pilates sustainability practices and reduce costs. Fiona devised measurable outcomes which can be used and reassessed to see progress over coming months and years. Unfortunately I think the implementation of air purifiers and exhaust fans to improve ventilation and mitigate the risk of Covid-19 transmission will muddy the waters a bit but I hope to see an improvement in my energy consumption with some of Fiona’s suggestions nonetheless.

Overall Ecobiz provided an excellent and very useful service which I can highly recommend.

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